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Premium rechargeable candle - standard Specification:

Inductive Rechargeable LED Candles– 12pack Set

Each Set contains twelve (12) remote rechargeable LED candles with Natural Flickering, Wireless Induction Charging Base and Universal Power Adaptor

OPERATING TIME:8-hour charge provides up to 20 hours of use
CHARGER: Induction Charging
LED CANDLE DIMENSIONS: 2.00 inches High x 1.57 inches Diameter
CHARGING CYCLES: Our Inductive Rechargeable LED Candles can be charged for approximately 500+ cycles ( 2-3 years of daily use). Each candle has a lifetime of approximately 15,000 hours.
COLOR OPTION: Amber, Natural Warm White, White (pure white has a bluish tint).
Up to 4 charging bases (total 48 Candles) can be connected together, using 1 power adapter only.

Our quality rechargeable votive candles are designed for heavy, everyday use. It is unique, using wireless inductive coupled charging. This "State of the Art" technology Inductive Charging Base eliminates the charging connector (pin style) and greatly improves the life and reliability of the product along with the ease of inserting the candles into charging base. Inductive charging votive candle avoids all pins, prongs or bothersome slots to line up. Just drop the votive candle into their charger holes)Inductive Rechargeable LED Candles can be used either indoors or outdoors,  It is very suitable for Restaurants, Hotels, Spas, Model Homes, Catering, Bars, Church, Wedding and any other venue which currently uses oil or wax for lighting or decoration. They're also perfect for outdoor deck or garden dining because they resist wind.

Inductive Rechargeable Led Candle System is considered a GREEN product as they do not produce any emissions, the System is energy efficient and qualifies for use.

• Flickering effect looks just like true flame
• ON/OFF Switch on bottom of the candle cell for easy control
• Water resistant with inductive charging design
• Burn time up to 20 hours
• Very bright output illumination
• Wind proof for outdoor dining Areas, patios and bars
• Remote control included with each set